July 13, 2006 § 3 Comments

so i’m daughtering these days a mother who is doddering, she lives in canada now, having fled from behind the green curtain returning with my father now dead to their home and native land in the youthful days of their sixties, i live in the yooessofA, recently a bi-national scared into citizenship by the prez& his cronies and it was a good move, i can’t believe how long i was disenfranchised and stood for it, me mistress of the line and making lots of noise on it, anyhow the thing is i’m making lots of trips these days and am subject to a good deal of what i’m beginning to think of as an upclose and way too personal loss of freedom thanks to the prez& his fearmongering cronies since i’m subject to the full scale search and patdown every time i fly since i have a titanium superflex knee, heretofore affectionately known as my zippy zimmer anyway last time it came close to critical mass, next time, i better have the number of my lawyer handy, paul already said he wouldn’t post bail

even now i’m not sure what the hulabaloo was about but the woman patting me down, and up and down and all around because my knee sets off the alarm, and up and down and around the boobs&ass with the back of her gloved hand as if that made a whit of a difference started screaming and her boss, the pit man so to speak, came running and simpering all about “ma’am if you do that we’ll have to arrest you,” again i’m not sure what the fuss was about, i was simply going to trade them a looksee for a touch, i mean whatthefuck right, but ohhhh no…that was grounds for arrest on lewd and lascivious i mean that was no nevermind as far as i was concerned and they could have had a private screening….not that i don’t appreciate the irony, collecting them as i do, but like i said, you know any good lawyers?

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