July 22, 2006 § Leave a comment

my mother is unfolding and it is happening just as we knew it would down to the finest detail and yet it is asif we have no idea as if it is some great mystery i mean it feels as if we have no idea what is going on as if we will not know what to do as if we’re backto expecting there to be someone other than us to fix it as if we were once again kids and there it is that thing we spend our whole life trying to outsmart loss and asif we expect that to feel like being left and not knowing what is going to happen…&who is going to take care of the everything that is us…as if we didn’t know, as if we weren’t standing face into the wind…

but we did and we do because we are grown and i what the hell else are you going to do

these are the moments that count, the sorry doesn’t cover it moments you know…the on the bus off the bus and of course the worrier worries and the he that doesnt doesnt because his older sister is, sheesh

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