steady or not

August 23, 2006 § 2 Comments

i’m not sleeping again, falling asleep fine, andnow even sleeping past the middle of the night so i’m thinking i really can’t even chalk this up to the great cataclysm that finally gives way to a wondrous coalescence otherwise known as menopause, this is something else, this is part and parcel of the parsing of our parents goods, the decanting of the legacy, the becoming myolderbrother&me the elders and acting in accordance with, the doing usall proud and worrying about the measure of it all…andthatnow the who’s to say is us…is me, steady ornot, as i go…we wear it all differently my brothers and me but it boils down to the same grit, hope and a courageous excellence, and being there, seen&heard to be counted and counted on when the line is drawn and for now, with no one out front, the wind rushing by my face, i’m not sleeping again worrying about the measure of it all steadyor not as i go…

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