life goes on

October 1, 2006 § 1 Comment

how is your mother now he asks now that you’re not there, better i say, i think she’s happy to not be nailed down in one place, she was done with me two days before i left, not up to the expectations that just our being there represents, truth be told…i’ll need to practice leaving her alone

i hate that picture he says, the one with the tongues, it’s a classic picture of dementing he says, not cute at all…

i suppose this one is the fairest of them all, so to speak…

and this speaks to the distance we’ve covered, wow

meanwhile i’m preparing for a reading and a trip to mobile; i’m one of the lucky ones who will be in marge piercy’s master class, i’m excited as hell since she’s one of my favorite writers and then it’s straight back to The Peg one last time to clear out the house and then i guess i get some measure of my life back…wow…

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  • Barry says:

    Like your tag line says… "it's all true."Have a ball in Mobile. I got a registration form in the mail last week….No I won't be attending (we discussed this, right?)…. but at least somebody opened the envelope….

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