the rules reiterated

March 11, 2007 § Leave a comment

"1. have fun

2. you can't have fun if you're trying to be cool

3. you have to be able to see the truck or truck equivalent from the water

4. when it's time to stop, stop but never quit."



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They went nowhere fancy. He didn’t want the distraction. Or the falderal. And it wasn’t amends. It was soup and pasta with red sauce, bread and uncomplicated house wine. And booths. Mediocre but wholesome just the same.
He was amazed at her nonchalance, wondered if she was ready for what came next. But as these things went it was too late. They were there.
She was not to blame he was sure he played his part but he’d never met a woman who knew her way around the brink and Jen was no exception. He would blame her for that.

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making way

March 7, 2007 § 1 Comment

I know lots and nothing about it. An intermediate beginner is what I am. Lots of familiarity. Lots of vicarious expertise. But little experience of my own in spite of having played the violin for at least as long as I was married the first time. He gets frustrated with me. That I can’t make immediate sense of “3rd finger 5th fret 2nd string”or when I cannot repeat the rolls he shows me just listening to them. Me too. But that’s where the beginner comes in.
And the for having listened all my life not really ever having heard.
The camelias are blooming a nice refrain after having plucked and tossed the many once frozen now rotten lemons. The days are spring like and the urge to make haste into the garden is terrific, but we resist. It may yet freeze or flood again. Instead we brave the plants laid waste. Meanwhile I’m getting it, perhaps I did after all learn some things: the inevitability of scales and other exercises; learning new and refreshing old repertoire; sight reading and looking ahead; becoming more familiar and–llike any good love affair–after the first blush, the ups and downs of making way.

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banjo on my knee

March 4, 2007 § 3 Comments

it’s a whole new thing now. it’s a deering john hartford with a wooden tone ring and a clear head with a pop off resonator and it’s beautiful. wowza, it informs everything…

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