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there is substantive difference in age that happens some time menopausal for lack of a different way of nailing it down, in a literal and figurative way ones vision changes among other things

how and what one cares for changes

and one has the years of experience–now the amber of wisdom–as part of her breastplate

and for the first time in our lives we are private unto ourselves citizens no longer inherently involved in the good of the whole

none of this news but it informs our interactions with you, and unaware, you are at a disadvantage, you are lost

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asked and answered

July 23, 2007 § 2 Comments

Calling the Kettle Black

Tank top and shorts it was hot as hell he had no hair by choice metal studs through his scant eyebrows eyes that didn’t dart but didn’t look either tattoos like brands on his arms good ink well done and on his calves under calf length white socks.

He twittered ducked rather than shrugged and looked to his boss who laughed more than giggled but just the same, when I asked “what do the tattoos on your legs say?” gave the side slide nod. “White pride,” he shrugged now. “I did it before. That’s why I cover them up…don’t want to go to jail,” he mumbled.

Young now. Young when he did it. Probably in jail. Done and undone, neither at his behest. Forgive him father for he knows not what he is doing.

We talked a lot after they left. Kept the doors open wide not only to dry the carpets they’d just cleaned. Paul adamant they couldn’t return. And my being a Yid notwithstanding needing some steps in between–to  speak up; standing for notwithstanding–his pride our belief in difference, neither were self-evident.

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