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September 27, 2010 § Leave a comment


no matter how different things were, in the back then that 18 year olds today don’t want to hear about,  my brother at 16 was sneaking out his window in the middle of the night as if our parents didn’t know taking their car so that he might ‘sleep with’ his girlfriend…went on for months our parents did not really believe in being the wall against which we might bang our heads, rather they took great stock in consequence, and each of us learning for ourselves just how much what we were doing might and did cost, nor was sex one of the great taboos in our house, there might have been a little more guidance on the feeling part of it but who knew, and we survived (our own stories) notwithstanding thing is he could have stayed home, the rest of us had sex in our bedrooms, which is why to this day I always knock first…

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