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January 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

haven’t decided what this year’s writing/s will look like

or what the prompt just how the push will take shape, by which I mean to say I recognize the need for discipline and almost daily writingss of some sort ha, it is all about letters to start, that word sort (a single piece of type) keeps creeping shoving its way onto a page, one way and another

time out, I’ve been seriously infected by the imps at The Press, hence an unruly for the moment inclination toward wordplay, as if I were unruly as the resident (as in my resident) mau who came in this morning at 4AM to be fed NOW to which there is no good use in arguing though it does not preclude his wanting more food later and later and later or sooner and leaving food out is not the excactly the point either, anyway

back to the point which is a different shape has already begun to assert itself, sort of like books in general are taking on no shapes or any shape though there is still an overarching idea of what constitutes a book, I think my writing, whatever that is, is morphing or maybe my poetry and not my writing at all…I’m intrigued now for the nonce by nuance or if I trusted most to read aunts as ‘awnts’ I would of course have said new aunts which would of course devolve into ants which this last year I’m glad to say we suffered no home invasion of…this madness, by which I mean anger on the one hand and foolery&obsessionwith on the other in fact started with the not so off the mark tempest sparked by the the feel ups and pat downs otherwise parading as increased security oh puhlease, reminds me of the meet and greet table set up at The General its mission also having been to keep better track of who haunted and otherwise frequented the hallowed halls, we gave everyone who came in a sticker on which they were to write their name and where they were supposed to be going, only increased the litter…anyway, the point is the nuances have gone missing and I aim to find them,

the other exploration at the moment has to do with a certain kind of gathering and using up or reusing think recycling or found art anyway not necessarily a re-editing or rewriting of things already written but a rejuvinating, or perhaps simply a rereading to coincide with remembering that seems to be part of all of this gathering as if it were one of those life stage things as opposed to simply all the world’s a stage,

or simply, I aim to spend my rainy day savings…I’m old enough now to do as I please anytime I please



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