let’s nobody throw (any more) stones

January 9, 2011 § 2 Comments

lots of places to look in the wake of this latest, we expected this didn’t we killing spree, lots of places to lay blame, sarah palin and her don’t retreat reload rhetoric, the inflamed posture of political pundits the mentally ill, (oh don’t even get me started on mental illness as an excuse for violent behavior), easy targets you should pardon the expression, or not is the point, the accompanying banner ad for the article in the new york times addressing the senseless violence and its repercussions, for godsake (sic) was an add for firearms training blazoned with pistols and cross-hairs so, before we get all righteous or defensive and up in arms (sic) I would simply like to say it’s not just the next guy who’s at fault,

we are all smitten if you will, or hopefully won’t, by violent rhetoric and metaphor, in conversation, at coffee in traffic at church, at work, and play, on tv, from those who know better, should know better and haven’t yet been taught to know better

violence begets violence, it’s the oldest and best it might be argued story, but let’s get it straight, the consequences are intended
violence is violent, killing kills, hate is hateful

the extent to which in our own lives we give inexcusable behaviors an excuse, and give violence free reign, no matter the auspices, is to spawn the next latest to be expected killing spree


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