all het up;

January 13, 2011 § 2 Comments

I’ve been for daze, (see what I mean)

to book, (once again borrowing a phrase from he who 1st used it so cunningly, as always my thanks, doug)

DRUM was a closed book long before it hit paper, the notes were already written, it was mostly a matter of playing it, this other I’m working on now, nuance, is a whole other story, I cannot contain it, I sat yesterday with the goats hoping some manner of goatish insistence would rub off and for at least one readthrough it would hold its shape, I with purpose didn’t even bring a pencil, it did not, the goats didnot hold any sway, which is not to say there’s no container or retainer perhaps and certainly there is a central, to go back to the original metaphor, tune if you will that can and does bind it together but beyond that each phrase–like a good riff I suppose–changes, is changeable and changing and so it rattles and creates racket and it plagues, it decomposes no surprise perhaps simply a reprisal a recapitulation of the theme of nuance as nuisance and to remind nuance is not a closed book but I get it, and would that it would give me respite, it does not won’t but hand to hair ready to pull out I ran uncle in mind to the press yesterday and carved out the first pages, nuance is a nuisance more than a play on words
that said I am calmer now, I can see though it will be held together with a shoelace, it is a neverending onslaught I already wish I had said more than a ply of words and there you have it

dogma dogs
dog dogma

(and that can go any which way)

doggone godded doggedness
ohdeargod I am losing
my good sense

did I say:
he said known peril, I thought he mispronounced nonpareil

before you book, I will…



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