known peril

January 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

been typesetting the last days away, coming down the stretch, only 3 more pages, the colophon, title page and cover, will finish the typesetting this week, maybe even the printing, the assembly a whole other order and ordering, thinking that each of the four, will be different by design,..well actually I haven’t figured out for sure the ins&outs of this volume yet, I’m thinking four bound with screws, each different and two more that will be bound with something like the shoelace which was the original idea and with a different set of pages, not that the words will be different but the what it’s printed on will be of a different order, to wit the first four will be printed on newsprint, recycled maps, and the others may include transparencies, and/or some opaque papers

remembering patience and it’s only tedious and too slow if your ones my mind and more importantly my heart is elsewhere and that’s true of anything, even the opera, and sex,

and printing, 2 more sheets (= 4 pages) two of which used color other than black or as well as black, different colors mind you, set and cleaned the press twice, mixed colors (from scratch, came out perfectly if I do say so) and setting the form was its own exercise in arithmetic and spatial relations all of which I figured out on my own, thanks to a refresher session on typographic measure, picas and points and ems and ens and quads and slugs and leading and brass and coppers and multiples and fractions therein and of

and painting paper and fashioning book covers, (the screws have come, they’re perfect!)

and all things in their own time, being weaned and learning from my mistakes, like when I measured wide because I hadn’t accounted for the position of the roller in relation to the bed which changes when you take the pin out so you can do the color banding,

and casting and recasting excellence in the context of to be human is divine and if you want the perfect performance buy the damned cd…I often see the error as a kind of ambrosia…as an offering, as possibility…as opening another door of perception, knowing just the same with a smile, that from one typesetter to another, from one fine printer to another notso fine, looking through the book one of the first things that will be commented on is the “k” on page 3, that’s not joanna! it will be said with a sense of hauteur, as if weren’t they so smart, but with my own sense of hauteur and aren’t I so smart, I wonder who will get the upside down “a” on page 7, the point of course being it’s all part of a whole, all in support of the message, ah marshall…even coming back as in retrograde all the way back to words that are handset one letter at a time, the medium was/is still the message…

and somehow, somewhere along the way, the title changed from NUANCE, to KNOWN PERIL

meanwhile I’m already onto the next piece which came to me in a whole new clamor before its time, but there was nothing to do except run with it, so I am and imagining it on a grander scale…by which I only mean bigger, a whole new risk

and there are pieces of paper, the ubiquitous ephemera of a printshop if you will, stuck everywhere, and all is well…



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