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sundogs in the morning sky
a mountain top
now, only clouds



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there’s always another way to look at it

another way to look at it

what me worry

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I thought it was me, anxious
about I had no idea what but
it’s the jibber jabber before sunup jays jawing on the job
disagreeing about every damn thing, or
just jubilant, either way it’s not




February 12, 2011 § 2 Comments

She’d asked what the peril was, a good question and hard to answer because when someone asks what the a your ahem my book is about, large or small, you one I always want to say more than anyone wants to know, and you we never get it right the first time someone asks, even if you think you know what it’s about it’s a difficult answer, anyway the book is about nuance, a timely subject these days as our world landscape shifts mightily, it’s about the grays between You and Me, and the peril lies in the ways we misuse or squander that great expanse between sides, your side and my side as if to guarantee ne’er the twain will meet an evermore dangerous proposition

it’s been an interesting exploration,

among other things poem as book, as experimental book at that, it’s clamored differently, can’t say it’s given me more gas than other poems I’ve worked with but the conundrums were not only about content and the coming together not only about order there was and still is a whole fashioning to contend with hence the none exactly the same, and a practice run with the notion of fewer rather than many copies and none for the little boy down the lane, one for the coffee table one for the archive one for the shop and one at large c’est tout, anyway it was meant to be the start of my contribution to the vast archive of ephemera generated by a print shop and as such it is printed mostly on newsprint, and recycled maps, covers scalveged from the scrap box,

and the veritable feast of fonts a whole other story line,

I just noticed the shadows, on the photo of the front cover, cast by the letters, I am smitten

what’s the peril

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(c)2011jgoldberg, design and drawings by author,
limited edition of ____, none exactly the same
handset and handprinted by author on Vandercook

back cover

old friends

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when he talks he stutters he stutters and it calms me
corrals me cocoons me it leaves me patient and preserving
without my predisposition to intercede interfere interject
interlope interrupt

leaving me time

he stutters stammers starts and starts again
and it stills me settles me soothes me allows me allows me
allows me

to catch my breath

to catch on, catch on that perfection is overrated
and would be if you had only three a perfect waste, perfect waste
of an otherwise good wish

©2005 1st published in Refractions; PenHouseInk vol. 4

devolution of a business card

February 5, 2011 § 2 Comments

the other day was the anniversary of my father’s death, the same day I married the first time, my mother will have died 4 years and 4 days later, it doesn’t go without saying, the yahrzeit candles are lit

rolled the presses the other all day long and did print an other sheet, (2 pages) of KNOWN PERIL, and a poem (perfect for my valentine) that has been sitting in the galley, and not being able to contain myself printed a business card that well isn’t, after all I’m not drumming up business and who the hell keeps a business card anymore, you get the info and before I can even say ‘right now’ it’s plopped into your personal device and the card is unceremoniously tossed, so it is these days a throw away, ephemera at its best, forgotten like what time was it the last time looked at your watch that probably isn’t a watch anymore or your phone that isn’t a phone anymore either, that said the card seems distilled to its original design–a calling card, announcing simply oneself, at large, &s0 (and so) there’s no earthly reason why the cards need to be the same, or in keeping with the ephemera they are, fit in a card carrying case…though, I haven’t yet simply printed them on flimsy ass paper, or newsprint, ah newsprint a whole other story…

typeset in 16th century roman and poliphilus printed on the vandercook, on scrappy painted paper
it was all a series of lucky accidents, and yet maybe that’s what design is, and for all of it, fact is in the end, having asked or been offered a card, the damn thing tells just about everything you need to know, and I damn sure like that bus, I mean look at the wheels…and fact is, you’re still either on the bus or off the bus, and there are times when we can’t wait, wow
you know and damn if that don’t just like keysey’s bus, well except for the colors

speaking of anniversaries, I will have been at the shop for almost a year, it has changed me

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