april 26

April 28, 2011 § 1 Comment

paper chase
so it was the whole deal, still is, ordering the paper doing the math figuring the grain and how many and waste and not so much getting there as back on the freeway, and feeling so like wow I’m really doing this, and getting it back to the shop in its brown paper chipboard wrapping and
it was damaged, how bad they want to know can I make do
I wasn’t outraged or embarrassed like somehow on my fledge run I’d made a mistake but that from a doing business point of view, mine and theirs, it leaves a few things out, the point is not can I make do but I didn’t get what I ordered, and I need to make a second trip down because no the damage was too great, obviously–though no doubt she had to ask–and the job is held up, and that has ripples, we negotiated a fair restitution I go today to get the paper again,
we’ll see
this time I will get over myself and inspect the paper before I leave the store…not that I didn’t think of it last time, I just didn’t think of having it
resealed before I left…
so here’s the kicker, I am buying parent sheets, 40 x 28 and they would have charged me $50.00 to cut it down to size, for one of us it would have been cheaper to just cut the paper…
either way, thing is, it’s still the real deal


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