ladies in waiting

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lady reading a magazine

lady reading a magazine

round as round could be with a round black hat
and black knee socks tied with purple bows she sat filling her flat-
footed black patent leather shoes, that she was wearing a purple
frilly at the bosom dress with a black and purple
polka-dot coverlet goes almost
without saying


middle of the damned night

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keeping track of time

middle of the damned night and I’m wide awake the book coming together flying apart in my mind as these things go 6 2 ups in, by which I mean half the pages done, and the type already distributed and I’m lying there thinking ohmygod the layout couldn’t possibly be right I’ve lost the vision of the which way it folds and how it lies and lays so here I am out of bed pulling out the mockup and of course it’s all just fine but now I’m wide awake novels to revise flyleafs to imagine hair appointments to make tea to drink
hard to imagine this otherwise most bed and sleepworthy godforsaken region which is neither morning nor night is when I used to get up for the pleasure of going to work, anyway what was just a routine get up to pee go back to sleep thing turned into an expedition but since I spent the day, now officially yesterday, finishing the typesetting for the last of the poems it’s no wonder really

and then as if it wasn’t bad enough he said as I was packing up for the day already jacked about printing the other sides, so, were you thinking you would do all the black (poems) before you printed the red (poem titles, and fleurons) ack…

loose flowers indeed

maybe now I can go back to sleep,

some great love it must have been

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oh hell yes!

took a while to get it set just the way I wanted…and then was just going to pull a proof, but it layed out so pretty, and easy…dang

ready to roll!

so I went ahead and printed the page, the plate had just come too, it was all so sweet. sweeter than the love…

not intended to be factual revisited

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all about me

a caveat

logs and histories are intended as much as possible to be factual, and I suppose a calendar which functions as a daily diary, journals suppose license to editorialize, and imagine, and to lapse into fiction, and stories are just that–stories, and poems of course, are poetry

what’s ‘true’ are the feelings for the most part that elicit, that provoke that compel one–me–to write, and though all writing starts with &/or incorporates factual tidbits, it is simply grist, and I’ve come to find out as much as folk hate being grist for the page, worse is being the only who’s not, and as my friend Bill said a long time ago, all writers are robbers, ergo: there’s no ally ally in free

so, is it true? of course, and of course not…what the reader must decide is if it’s true enough, and:  NONE OF IT IS ABOUT ANYONE YOU KNOW, UNLESS YOU KNOW ME, CAUSE, IT’S ALL ABOUT ME, THESE ARE MY STORIES.


a new really old story

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wrote it a thousand years ago, it’s been on my mind, well telling the stories, each of us our own, has been on my mind, and the why we do, or don’t and the who or what we are protecting or saving…my mother always said there never really is ‘the right time’ and more&more I understand what she meant…anyway it’s dawning on me there’s no ally ally in free, paths cross we meet people we never expected to again, and fact is they already know the story, don’t they…

The New Blue Truck

He came down to show them his new truck. His brand new metallic blue pickup truck. Of course in manner of toast they went for a right now ride into the night. Drinking lots of cold beer and being very careful not to spill any on his new blue Naugahyde seats.
All in their spots. She was flanked on either side.

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printing tea

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another page (2 up) printed and two more set, the next runs will be printing on the other side of pages already printed, the risk increases, make a mistake and it costs 4 pages, not to mention the type for the poems printed has already been distributed and for each page there is still another run–the photos a visual aid, another tool in the armamentum for placement of the–title and ornament which will be printed in vermillion, at least that is decided now,

waiting for the plate of the perfume bottle which should be here any minute

lots still up in the air–cover color, endpaper, flyleaf, cover art?


2 more 2 ups printed

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printed 2 damn pages yesterday, slick as a whistle, couldn’t have gone better, yeehaw!

see the nifty ligature?

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