not intended to be factual revisited

May 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

all about me

a caveat

logs and histories are intended as much as possible to be factual, and I suppose a calendar which functions as a daily diary, journals suppose license to editorialize, and imagine, and to lapse into fiction, and stories are just that–stories, and poems of course, are poetry

what’s ‘true’ are the feelings for the most part that elicit, that provoke that compel one–me–to write, and though all writing starts with &/or incorporates factual tidbits, it is simply grist, and I’ve come to find out as much as folk hate being grist for the page, worse is being the only who’s not, and as my friend Bill said a long time ago, all writers are robbers, ergo: there’s no ally ally in free

so, is it true? of course, and of course not…what the reader must decide is if it’s true enough, and:  NONE OF IT IS ABOUT ANYONE YOU KNOW, UNLESS YOU KNOW ME, CAUSE, IT’S ALL ABOUT ME, THESE ARE MY STORIES.



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