middle of the damned night

May 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

keeping track of time

middle of the damned night and I’m wide awake the book coming together flying apart in my mind as these things go 6 2 ups in, by which I mean half the pages done, and the type already distributed and I’m lying there thinking ohmygod the layout couldn’t possibly be right I’ve lost the vision of the which way it folds and how it lies and lays so here I am out of bed pulling out the mockup and of course it’s all just fine but now I’m wide awake novels to revise flyleafs to imagine hair appointments to make tea to drink
hard to imagine this otherwise most bed and sleepworthy godforsaken region which is neither morning nor night is when I used to get up for the pleasure of going to work, anyway what was just a routine get up to pee go back to sleep thing turned into an expedition but since I spent the day, now officially yesterday, finishing the typesetting for the last of the poems it’s no wonder really

and then as if it wasn’t bad enough he said as I was packing up for the day already jacked about printing the other sides, so, were you thinking you would do all the black (poems) before you printed the red (poem titles, and fleurons) ack…

loose flowers indeed

maybe now I can go back to sleep,


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