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July 31, 2011 § Leave a comment

So many things and thinks along the way. And risks and successes, and mastery. I’ll allow mastery with the caveat that it is, of course, a fluid state. Anyway, as these things do, it came together of its own accord in spite of my meddling. And because of it, of course. And one more thing as long as I’m at it, while I will never confess to being a perfectionist, I will admit to irrefutable standards of excellence to which I aspire. Simply said, I do have an aesthetic which informs my work, and a body of work now which informs my aesthetic as a typesetter and printess. And new skills and loves to show for it—I fell in love with my damned ruler for crying out loud—somewhere along the way not only made peace with it but depended on it, no that’s not what I mean, not peace or depend, it’s just that it became an important part of the conversation. I reached for it often, truth is. And got great comfort just holding it.

❧But I learned not so much to measure, as simply, measure. This book—the problems I set out to solve and mysteries I hoped to involve myself in—was in part meant to be an apprentice’s tithe to the art and craft of Fine Printing, a master’s thesis, if I will. And it was an exercise among other things of measure, not to mention paying respects. And a reiteration of the wisdom once learned about breaking rules, you must know them first.

& after much deliberation and torment, I have settled finally the nonsense and business of pricing:

The first signed copy will be sold for $1250.00.
The one with the holes in the wrong place, because there is only one of them will be sold for $2000.00.
The most perfect ones with an eye toward the club of Fine Printers will be set aside and will be sold when in Rome for what the market will bear.
The rest will be sold at a poet’s price of $20.00, and once costs are recovered, given away.


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