esprit de l’escalier

October 8, 2011 § 2 Comments

it started as part of a rant as a germ on my way to the shop to finish my tithe my thesis my offering to the masters of the trade, of the craft and art of printing listening to kdfc on the radio and hoyt smith was going on as he often does talking to us the listeners as if conversationally about the whackiest interview questions and one of them was do you know a good joke which was, the more I thought of it, not such a whacky interview question at all and a perfect antidote to the news full of hate&derision masquerading as the politics of next year’s presidential race

anyway by the time I got to the shop I was in full roar and before long we’d printed a wee dozen of placards asking

do you know
a good joke

a wee pile

which seemed a perfect riposte to the hackneyed invective, and handy so to speak which

gave way blossomed mushroomed and catapulted me into the series (24) of flashcards, a perfect antidote to the sniffy fine if beautiful and well executed if I do so say myself collection of poems (OR WAS IT TIME) I’ve just finished.

which is now bound with plastic combs and presents itself as

TIP of The Tongue

rejoinders for everyday use
in everyday use

in defense of civil discourse

judi goldberg; ed.

and on the back cover describes itself as:

an assortment of ripostes, insinuation, nudges &
gasps offering a variety of civil responses
for any intteraction

use Tip of The Tongue Rejoinders to
ToTTR ® away from silence

judi goldberg ©here.say. Sebastopol, CA

available at Iota Press for $10.00 (my sweet husband says that’s not enough) $12.00—unless of course you were lucky enough to buy futures—as long as the short supply lasts

one should never again be a victim of esprit de l’escalier or treppenwitz, or absent a shred if not a sense of humor cause it’s gonna get worse, before it gets worse



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