evolution of a poster; learning to talk back

October 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

Who can even sleep, first it’s too many inklings
jammed all in a whirl, (twice I needed to get up jot down some of the formlings leaving room for the new ones not waiting their turn). By the time I finally got to the shop I was in full roar tilt and after a brief show&tell we were on the job having whittled all the cleverness and excess away leaving just the plain old ohmygodaha of it.


As these things have a wont to go I set it upsidedown in a manner of rightside up speaking from what we thought was the originally agreed on idea but by then I’d thrown away all the scribblings and whothehell knew, besides of course it was as it lay pretty doggammed nifty if we so did say ourselves, well except for the backwards B which in our muddle of not sure which way was to be up we didn’t immediately see which in turn (ha) was some part of the consternation and confoundment in discerning the which way of up

I thought it was the other way!

it was the newguy who said the B is backwards, but we heard him without actually listening so it was a while before we sorted it (ha again!) out  andthen it was simply a matter of which letters would hold the red which we tested (using a brayer) before we did the actual run, which of course was two, first the black and then the red


and last night for crying out loud I was awake with the oh hell typographic genius of it, and our small part of taking back the world we live in, or at least righting (or lefting as the case may be) it a bit


back talk


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