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November 26, 2011 § 3 Comments

he, the Had Matter was an abecedarian with a homemade flexicon, meant to ensorcel all comers and bodacious and cavalier dire and eggzagerated it was nevertheless in and out of a pinch a nonfallutin’ tool box no matter the wither he went and he went witherin’ plenty having to whittle a word or two for commerce

by the time he got home his fine wyffe was in fine fettle having fettled the day away finely with a fine fettle, finally as the cases was but having naught to show for it


counter point

November 22, 2011 § 2 Comments

finished printing flUXX today! the final page coming together past the last moment almost by accident,  it was one of those synchronous moments, a part of another conversation altogether, and yet it couldn’t be more perfect, it stands as an exquisite counter point:


and yet.




some finishing tasks left (folding), and problems to solve : will I add a foldout–an overlay for the “3” page , and how or will I do, and then  where will I put the colophon:


limited diverse edition of 5

typeset and hand printed by author


here. say. sebastapol, CA

judi goldberg, here.sayer.


November 16, 2011 § 2 Comments

first run; when all is said and done it still only had its moments, the inking of the platen not the least of it, and 4-1 sitting pretty as you please in the chase, magnificent as a sculpture but and so as I already said once moments weren’t aren’t enough

just off the run I felt, um…deflated, is a good word, going all the way to having failed language as if it fait a complit did not turn out as opposed to isn’t coming together as I had hoped and yet going in from a poetic point of view it was wrong, there were pleased as punch lines (poems in this case) and even worse the sign posts, the leylines left showing to no good end, or worse to a bad end,

after some almost grumpiness (no wonder I’m so thirsty–as in grumpy people usually need water) I come to some thing Micah said when he was talking about his own work; his own process, about “not wasting steps in the testing…”

surprisingly I even went to embarrassment as if it were a thing which happened in public for everyone to snicker-snack about (ain’t I queen for a day and a MissThing out of practice) better would be the simple allowing again for experimentation, the rigors of it, the risks the knowing the job was dangerous when I took it Fred, (no whining allowed) and to recognize the new press not even so to speak in which I am working, literally and figuratively and having concocted a sense of needing to have something sooner rather than later to take to print the why behind me and not so important as what lies ahead and what I’ve already learned; am      learning

shit can the one poem I knew didn’t belong

leave out the beautiful but unnecessary 4-1 page

use fluxx as the cover (already I’m bargaining for it, maybe it is the title page maybe it offsets flux and not minus1)

(and countering) but if I call the poem 4 minus 1 then who needs it… and la la la

all of this withstanding

there are 3 poems and only 3

3 osprey



then there is the word flux which serves nicely as a cover, as a container, as a title is what I mean

and but for all of it I must go back to the poetry of it…the where I veered off course and take the time it needs, the time I need

ah yes the time I need is also the press I need to come to grips with, I need not feel pressed off the press…we’ll see in the press of it how it all it press-ceeds

meanwhile, I’m thinking of:

dangling a participle, black on striking red…

and jabberwocky when all is said and tinkered with in phenix 24, perfectly understated

and what’s another word for disseminification?

and runes

and of course an alphabet, an a b c alphabet

and Had Matter, or Haz maybe , and a little jabberwockesque poem which hatched full blowen in the nyte time past

ah yes, and the time I need

not ready to print at all

November 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

marking fluxx

so here I am thinking I’m ready to start printing and all of a sudden I realize several things, first of all it only has moments, its moments and that’s not enough; my eye changes

my eye is changing

second the real all of a sudden is you know the heart of it is missing, the poem or part of the whole (poem) that holds it together, that binds it, emulsifies it, that makes it soup is completely not there. The backstory that is the front and so now I don’t even know if it’s flUXX anymore or of it’s really 3 (4-1) or three four minus 1 or 3 four minus one or….you get the picture

and then there’s the layout, I’m experimenting with some new things, playing the strings inside the piano of you will, wanting to make use of the placement test print on the tympan and use it as an offset, (yes it will be backward but that’s accounted for) and then printing flUXX in my usual heavyhanded (no sweet kissing here) way and having it blindprint to the page behind it, which since I all of a sudden don’t know which exact way this is laying out I can’t do yet

All of this begging the real story which I’ve not yet written, as if it’s never been told

it started as 3
an accordian, two folds, six faces, 3 poems 3 lines and now it vacillates as a tri-fold (imagine brochure) and depending on how I lay it out it can read anywhich way nomatter what…and has turned into 4 minus 1, or will unless  I no longer need the poem that speaks directly to fluxx, imagining the completed whole with heart will tell it all  leaving the fluxx poem itself in the pleased as punch category, in which case it’s still only 3, but I like now the 4-1 concept,



back to the drawing board, flUXX indeed

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