not ready to print at all

November 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

marking fluxx

so here I am thinking I’m ready to start printing and all of a sudden I realize several things, first of all it only has moments, its moments and that’s not enough; my eye changes

my eye is changing

second the real all of a sudden is you know the heart of it is missing, the poem or part of the whole (poem) that holds it together, that binds it, emulsifies it, that makes it soup is completely not there. The backstory that is the front and so now I don’t even know if it’s flUXX anymore or of it’s really 3 (4-1) or three four minus 1 or 3 four minus one or….you get the picture

and then there’s the layout, I’m experimenting with some new things, playing the strings inside the piano of you will, wanting to make use of the placement test print on the tympan and use it as an offset, (yes it will be backward but that’s accounted for) and then printing flUXX in my usual heavyhanded (no sweet kissing here) way and having it blindprint to the page behind it, which since I all of a sudden don’t know which exact way this is laying out I can’t do yet

All of this begging the real story which I’ve not yet written, as if it’s never been told

it started as 3
an accordian, two folds, six faces, 3 poems 3 lines and now it vacillates as a tri-fold (imagine brochure) and depending on how I lay it out it can read anywhich way nomatter what…and has turned into 4 minus 1, or will unless  I no longer need the poem that speaks directly to fluxx, imagining the completed whole with heart will tell it all  leaving the fluxx poem itself in the pleased as punch category, in which case it’s still only 3, but I like now the 4-1 concept,



back to the drawing board, flUXX indeed

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