time to think – work in progress

December 16, 2011 § 3 Comments

no matter how rigid the form, the process is dynamic

there is no shortest distance between two points, there are no straight lines, there is no there only getting there which doesn’t exist, only the imagining of there and having gotten there only the wanting and the on the way, there is no arrival only arriving which lasts for not as long as the blink of an eye, but there are riches along the way and up and down heaval and the twining where twain shall meet
no matter how rigid the form the heart is motion,
art is change

is part trilogy, or part concerto in three movements, or is simply an exploration
taking place on papers, as a set of 3 accordion books, each with 2 folds, 3 pages six faces, three poems

without covers
no borders
no bound pages,
a line through time yes, and space
but no immutable first page, or last page, no in the beginning, no last word.

the first book (already printed in a limited edition of 5) it seems is called subtraction (though you will not find the word anywhere)

the second one is just about ready to be set, the paper just about ready to cut
just about ready to take shape

it’s called circling, and again it is not spelled out. well or andbut of course it is in so many words



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