January 29, 2012 § 1 Comment

flaunting undaunted by the many steps I’m about to embark on, just for one piece.
learning. patience

getting there by which i mean the ongoing going there is the fun, the challenge, the engagement, the prize
the heartifact more important than the art i fact

I’m not convinced that more (like 100 instead of 45) is better, not convinced at all.


or now what–a photo essay

January 23, 2012 § 2 Comments

nothing so exciting as a blank piece of paper

until you add a deadline

but I’m reminded the ups and downs of imagining are simply that

photo by jude berman, seattle, 2012,

and to mistake them for a failure of imagination is a gumption trap

quote by Ira Glass, poster by Sawyer Hollenshead

read more at GUMPTION: Joe McCarthy’s ruminations on inspiration, aspiration and perspiration.

wrought or wrangled

January 7, 2012 § 4 Comments

no beginning

no end,

an intertwingle,

a bow

a we way

play, an important part of work or, AGO

January 6, 2012 § 3 Comments

so, what about when a project doesn’t go the way you think it ought, or is going the way you think it should but it’s not quite right, or you are not doing it as well as you hoped or what if you don’t exactly know what you had in mind how do you decide, as decide you must, to stop or keep going, how do you resolve it such that it is along the way rather than a failure, I think to simply abandon a project is even more to abandon oneself, and to be unwilling to explore or try new things because you might fail is deadening, and leads us down the gnarly path of doubt, of inactivity, (and maybe is where ago goes)

yesterday we played in the shop—

which is to say, it was hard work but not ‘a piece’ which had been on the agenda but this idea of AGO has been on my mind, and may be the final piece of the trilogy I am ‘working’ on

so long

which morphed along the way (to the shop) into knot, or the ‘not’ actually being the paper tied in a knot instead of the printed word or and hell if it were a circle which quickly became a mobius strip then I wouldn’t need to repeat also; and then there were colors to play with, also which might be worked into the second of the trilogy which is just about going into production—paper is cut, typeface almost locked in, by which I mean decided, not locked into the form, (ha, wonder if that is where that expression came from)

and so we went to it—-

some with the strip, some with the knot, tying and looping, weaving there and back with ideas, fearlessly,

which is the idea of play, yes there is no outcome only exploration
the artifact is really heartifact, and that we ended up with loops and strips and the best knot, and painted papers to show, and the most beautiful rags you ever saw, and photos to tell is to be sure part of it

but the best really was the laughter, and the problem solving, and the ensemble of it, and the things learned

* even the simplest project takes longer than you think it will
* a mobius strip has a geometry to it
* trying new things teaches you new things which incites you to try even more new things

which brings me back around to the beauty of the mobius strip, there is no end, no beginning, no ago, no failure; only along the way

so maybe it’s all just play and the work is what you get out of it


after my own heart

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Warning! they say, danglers ahead,
as if that were some kind of a problem…
some of my best friends are danglers.

yes, there are some times it’s important to be really clear, but perfect grammar is let’s face it, real boring

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