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context, a compass.
stories, a map.
feelings, the geography.



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As to meaning he wandered his nefarious curious periWinkle
holler—You can, Hell no she should furry it orknot my assEtt
diminishhush she was will welp or naughahide: He maXimil-
lioned like it or stonkknitnot he wasn’t WaZnot the &or
Quellowbuttoned squidbrucket y

For nimbus crosshairs Tillie intoned you can jilly-jally all the
Where the Quipple you want! Don’t change its face none She
finally took a breath & JibberJabberJimBob clept freely in
hithering Whoaa Nell! Zoroaster ain’t quippers yetskyola so
Pardonay the O’H-e-double-ll straight outta me and the droll
get thee along Cynthia There ain’t no such promissations!

…composing at the case it’s the thing that happens between letters that’s the most amazing, the wanderings between the a and n that turns into jilly-jally and once that’s done then quibble and quippers hithering and quellowbuttoned squidbruckets aren’t far behind, and the personage who emerges as the visionary as the speaker, an old crowe I know, no typo that a kinswoman of the olde bag, she of good humor rather than derision and admonishment, with raspy voice and hips hands well used lines around her eyes full of seeing and seen, a hoot and holler not far behind

cases in point; co operative hoo ha

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a duetribe and yet another work informing play moment, or conversation, or in any case, (eric and judi)

end to end rule, made up words fine

not any scrap will do

mk, the first to sully a virgin case

many splendored

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the edge of the world
is fluid

loving you
changes me

writer’s block

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got to say, again
whether in art, or science research, failure is a poor frame

and, of course is more handily construed as a perspective, or a terrain.
as would be a resounding success. both are only along the way

blue on blue or

February 9, 2012 § 2 Comments

yellow on blue

as long as I was at it

I used a brayer, which allowed me to experiment with other colors
speaking of which

in real life I’m not sure I like the color…oh well
did you know that text started out as a weaving term?

and today I finished setting the block of text for my gossip piece
, next week I will start the work of figuring out which is the foreground and which is the background.

silver blue

February 8, 2012 § 2 Comments

yesterday was one of those days where it all just not only fit together but flowed from one project to the next, play you know informing work informing play

I walked in with the idea of silver blue on black for the front cover of our first cooperative co/iteration, (for lack of a better word it not really being a volume or an anthology or a magazine, or it being all of that and more; yours truly, editor) assuming the finished product is up to the task, and if not there will be two or three possibilities to choose from once we see the aggregate in its  aggregation.

inside title page:  title (in lower case in a sweet 18 or 24 pt caslon)
Spring 2012
judi goldberg, ed. (likely in deepdene, a really elegant sculptured font.)

back cover will simply say
letterpress artists of Iota Press CoOp

I thought to simply set a list of names , but then I wondered if each artist should set his own name, or maybe we ought to do a collage, a montage, a poster if you will for the back page of our names…

anyway the blue came out just as I’d seen it (yeha!!!), so did the cover for that matter, though as elegant as the blue on black is, I was equally taken with a brown paperbag like cover—it all just depends

{photos by Maia Kobabe}

AND THEN, I used the luscious bluesilver ink for a ‘single piece of paper’ book. set it, laid it out (no rulers, just used the dummy as a template, made bays for the text, pulled out the sheet of paper, slid the text blocks into their slots, and presto! an 8 page book. now just the cutting and folding. yet another yeha!!!

after the person for whom the book is designed gets it (a valentines day giftette) I’ll post photos.

it was a blue breeze.

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