February 3, 2012 § 4 Comments

background, in gray, is an old old old embarrassing, in this day and age, never mind incarnation of the woman as a writer but sweet poem

foreground overprinted in black will be the new poem

BACKSTORY  is important is the title of the third book (in process) in the trilogy which, like the titles in the other two, is unmentioned though implied

like the others it’s coming together of its own accord, meaning I’m following its lead, and though it’s not yet gotten to where it’s going it is on the way, two of the six pages are printed even though I have no idea about the nuts and bolts, just the heart, but  that’s not a bad place all things considered, to start

behind the scenes, I am playing in service of the work of it, which is to say: all work should be playful and playfulness should inform good work…I have so many things to learn


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