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sensible shoes

my parents told me
they were going to visit
it reminded me
how much I miss you


what next?

June 9, 2012 § Leave a comment

the betwixt and between is sometimes the most telling. projects take on their own rhythm their own timeline their own gestalt, and as trapped in a manner of speaking as one is by the bigger projects and as eager as one is to move on by the time they are finished there is also this tempest of ohmygod now what,

a way in which all of those ideas that I couldn’t wait to get to, that seemed so miraculous are all of a sudden lackluster, and too much or too little, and the eRrAtiCa run has not completely rundown, there is an open house this weekend (saturday june 9, 2-5) which will showcase it again, and allow us to talk about it, the work and the process some more, and among ourselves too

I’m curious about what we learned, and what it will have spawned.

that said, I was, as most of us were doing things in the background, some of which now move to the foreground, all of it part and parcel of a trajectory.

my work in erratica a piece of what I’d been exploring—the process of storytelling, the importance of it in our lives and the many ways there are to tell a story, and the many ways storytelling is a center strut in the fabric of history, culture, community, family, self

and how telling story changes as we make our way through life, and how in my early 60’s I’m wanting to make sure my stories are told, which means telling them, and letting go of those things not so much sacred as secret…whatever the hell that is
ahso. being a writer is about being read.

working right now on a series of 6 word autobiographies for Poetry & Pie.
here’s one I probably won’t use

setting a story of 3000 words or so, will be in and out of sorts, have yet to choose the paper
still working on the alphabet
and am pretending I’m not working on a book of poems which is clearly not true
and then there are the crows, a woodcut by Micah Schwaberow after a sumi-e by Jon Roberts

and then there’s the whatever comes up that I haven’t thought of yet.

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