subject: re open slot tomorrow

March 6, 2013 § 2 Comments

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From : judi goldberg
Subject : open slot tomorrow

discretion being the better part of valor (damn) i will excuse myself. am coughing and sneezing and shivering and am pale (we used to write bad cold poems…have bad cold poem contests…) anyway. thing is there will be an open slot tomorrow and i will be at home coughing and sneezing watching movies and writing deranged poetry. maybe the solvents are eating my brain…

Subject: RE: open slot tomorrow
hope you are feeling better!

Subject: RE: open slot tomorrow
thanks. but  at this rate there will an open spot thursday too… or maybe a miracle will happen! but i guess my ass needed a rest.

Subject: RE: open slot tomorrow
Sometimes the universe has other plans for us…

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Indeed. It’s forcing me to get over myself and to gather my camino scratchings into shapes and booklike assemblies or…

I get the resistance and fear staging areas, but the ‘special’ thing where it all has to be so special–a whole sidetrip and distraction and tricky dog version of not living up to expectations and excellence, nevermind perfection–is a real sinkhole of its own, so today I’m cutting the pages with ‘walking WALKING’ printed all over them, and those printed with actual bootprints, and demanding of myself that I come up with ideas for bindings.

As would be my wont of course I have ended up with several ‘collections’, hence the need for more that one binding, and I am mostly over myself that even the most booklike of them (of which there will be 20 copies) will be identical, of course they won’t, that said, I’ve already worn out the heels of my boot scuffling and dawdling dithering and nickering and this knock me down flu or cold or some kidgerm is as close to a kick in the ass I’m going to get, and I sure as hell don’t want what might come next if I don’t take heed.

So, there  will be an(other) open slot tomorrow


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