getting over myself. whew

March 8, 2013 § Leave a comment

So, I finally got to that sweet spot, that you know, shit or get off the pot spot!
I cut up all those papers that until now I couldn’t possibly have offered up to the project which of course is what they were for in the first damned place

and then I did some printing, oh if I do say so myself our sweet Lady Gray
of here. say. press is a fine mighty press, proud as an old tractor, sturdy and no nonsense, full of grace, anyway, printed two more pages, and speaking of presses, I suppose some kudos are in order for the canon inkjet which did a snazzy job of printing a photo of one of the cobblestone roads on sandpaper! It came out really really well after I coated the sandpaper with some liquitex gloss medium, and lowered the platen on the press.
The photo of the finished print doesn’t do it justice, so you’ll just have to buy the book…

anyway coming down the stretch,
still need a title
still need covers
still need more paper to finish printing the pilgrim page
still need to print the colophon and decide if I’m really going to use the sandpaper photo page in the book, if so, need to get more sandpaper and finish that printing as well. But it’s coming along, finally.

whew. oh and I’m feeling better too.


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