april 30

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college ave

it was a place not just a time (nursing school
19fucking75) I even made
I’m sure I was supposed to be
doing something else, like
when I crocheted crocheted an afghan
when I was supposed to be studying for my
anatomy final)—
a quilted curtain for one of the windows and
enjoyed, if not the city the sturdy house, no drafts
living room dining room with french doors and
a swinging door into kitchen half bath downstairs
and if there wasn’t there should have been
wood floors stout wood staircase bannister
upstairs a full bath with shower
3 bedrooms, solid house
on an avenue &

the sink didn’t fall off the wall
once, not even in the winter



april poem a thon 29

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college ave

the house stayed put
when it was just me doug
gone for the summer,

first time (19fucking75)
I ever
lived alone fell
in love with
the life (not
another man:

a woman without a man
was like a fish without a bicycle)

no one
reminding me
to roll up the windows in the car
in case it rained

maybe it wasn’t just flies
he’d been tying
in knots;

we left each other
in that house on the corner

across the street
from the vacant lot

long before
I moved out


april poem a thon 28

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Ducharme and Clanranald

the one with locked iron gates into the living room keys
kept in my grandmother’s more than ample bosom, favors and
oranges doled (out) at high if highly sought after cost and
the other where my other grandmother rode her (magic)
egyptian (carpet) rug off the 2nd story balcony breaking
a rib or two when all she meant to do was shake out the dust

both with mezuzahs on the door, neither of them purveyors of fine chicken soup

here.say.press updates

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heard at a coptic bookbinding class:

“Will you help me with my final cross?”
“Go back in the hole you came out of.”

april poem a thon 27

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the breaks

spent that first winter reading Sinclair Lewis Theodore Dreiser Thomas Wolfe (every single word) F.Scott Fitzgerald and Zelda, Hemingway, Stein, dos Passos, Faulkner, Patchen, Ferlinghetti & Kerouac, Mordecai Richler (the list keeps growing) telling time with wood mapping the spring garden (companion planting) guarding tomato starts reading to doug out of how to keep your volkswagen alive for the compleat idiot chipping ice off the bathroom floor after we stayed in town longer than we’d planned a whole other story tracking cougars putting the pump house roof back on the pump house every time the wind blew, becoming mrs doug clark (Mrs. Doug Clark), when spring came he went to work for dan kramer who never did figure out why we didn’t just throw the seeds in the ground they’ll grow

we talked about buying the place
and farming


april poem a thon 26

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college ave

I never trusted that house
to be there
when I got back but it didn’t start out
that way, or end up that way
for that matter


april poem a thon 25

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The Cliff House still counting as home I stopped by for a quick hello, beer
maybe some rice&veggies, got good acid instead and later when Jan,
all of a sudden spooked, ran out of the house as if this was Viet Nam
and we were the enemy it fell to me (the rest under tables or chairs
on their own trip) to follow him all over town in the moonlight
houses dark everyone asleep

he never let me out of his sight
or hearing and never let me catch him, until daylight

exhausted and silent everyone gone by the time we got back I
drove him the fifteen miles home—

as if we’d made love
he never spoke to me again


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