april poem a thon four

April 5, 2013 § 2 Comments

macdonald street, cont’d

embedded surrounded visible
we knew everybody and everybody
who sat at our kitchen table knew me
my mother was a musician so were most of her friends
my father was a writer so were most of his friends
my aunt was an artist so were most of her friends
my uncle went to find Israel oh yes we were jewish too
but we were not religious and did not believe in god,
no one did, and at Jewish People’s School
where my grandfather was principal
❥(and his lover was the kindergarten teacher,
though much later I came to think really he was quitegay and
it had been the 7th grade hebrew teacher
who was at the house every Friday, for the Sabbath and
to play gin rummy, who had been his lover, eta and hosid
even looked alike, now that I think about it…) ❧❧
god was not requisite we learned a history
and to read and write english hebrew and yiddish,
we also learned french of course the hardest language
was arithmetic,
there were charwomen and live-in maids
after my brother was born because Mummy
✺like her father✺ started having trouble with her back, maids
who were of course always part of our family though none
of them spoke english and they were old somehow until
they were young and came mostly from large (catholic) families
who were happy to have someone else feed and house them and they
were happy to have their own rooms, they taught me
most of my conversational french, to cook, and
to make my own bed

community large jewish leftleaning
all life, well most of it, took place around the kitchen table
and there was no privacy
but there was lots under the table


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