april poem a thon 13

April 14, 2013 § Leave a comment

not sure why
I didn’t hang around there with my friends
or with my boyfriends, though they drove me home often enough
I don’t remember—how is that possible—any of them
not even doug ever eating supper at our house
or a tuna fish sandwich which I made plenty of
at his house, painted white
with green shutters and a black eagle over the entryway
on college hill, which unlike ours on military hill was cavernous
with lots of interstices, as his mother might have said,
and privacy even with five cats three brothers, and a sister
not that they or the brother who shared the bedroom
cared that we spent time there, a room more spacious
or so it seemed, than any in our house and perfect for
lounging around, and when the time came
the gang of us of course spent a lot of time
down there feeling very safe under the eagle
at the dean’s house,

we did get married at the house on fisk street full of friends
and family under the avocado tree in the living room
me in bare feet, a yellow flower in my hair matching the one
on the dress
(made by my former boyfriend’s wife who
he met at the house on fisk st
while we were still going together)
in the middle of winter

but we didn’t hang out, not even then



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