april poem a thon 23

April 23, 2013 § 2 Comments

the house in the canyon

my brother found it, or the people who lived in it found him
(or his girlfriend) when they ate at her uncle’s restaurant and
he told us about it when we visited at christmas (if that isn’t
exactly true it’s close enough) and he thought doug & I
should move there, he thought somebody (one of us, is what he meant)
should move there, it was perfect! he said more than once and he
would have if he could have but he couldn’t, so why didn’t we
not that we had decided once and for all VISTA was not
quite our bowl of soup even though we talked about leaving at least
once a week anyway allofasudden we were
talking about it like it was going to happen since now
we would have some thing to do and a place to go instead of just
quitting, (we were not quitters you know) anyway the deal was
the people were moving back to Virginia (or some place like that)
and the house out on the rim
on the breaks of the snake river was
gonnabe vacant and it would be best if we moved in before
anyone could really care about who was living there as long as the rent
was being paid and

15 highway miles 3 gravelroad miles and half a can a we make it mile
down a dirt road (which any time it rained and definitely when it snowed
you could not) no phone no t.v. past a garage and pumphouse a huge garden plot
between the woodshed another garden plot a henhouse the huge red barn
and what would become the woodburning sauna
was the white wooden one story peaked roof farmhouse

proud, daring if welcoming, full of drafts and nonnegotiable demands
ass kicking and sassy; the best eccentric aunt I ever had she
broke me of my city ways


judi on the combine; photo by ralph becker


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