home a thon 47

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home a thon 46

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off the streets

as if we were never coming back we quit our jobs
packed everything worth keeping
into a limited number of labeled&catalogued boxes
leaving room for the mahogany dresser once painted green we refinished
the rocking chair I’d promised to use
the 1st couch and blue rug the table the computer
the monolithic entertainment center big TV and stereo system
and of course the car, in the garage on quesada street,
packed with an emergency stash of clothes & toiletries to cover us
just in case our luggage got lost on the backswing (which it did
—the one&only time we checked it—
on the final flight from NY to SF)
fostered The Bird with our trusted friend
(who as a going away present booked
the first nights in a very foreign land at an uptown hotel
the only time we knew
before we got there
where we would sleep that night)
and unhooked the battery on the car

money in hand from selling our NorSea (!)
and bags which fit under the seat or in the overhead bin
we left home
for Asia, & parts east, until the money ran out or we were ready
to come home
which ever happened last took 9 months
for the money to run out
and as these things went we had jobs (the ones we left!)
scoped out and scooped up a place to live, (a house
and a perfectly grand house it was, on an avenue, with trees
few and far between, streets with trees, in the sunset in The City)
and would be sleeping there, before
we ever got our luggage back

the jet lag and finding our home again feet
would take a little longer

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several projects underway

* a carousel book, (again, thank you megan) a spin-off from the house poem series, which is in large part an effort to decipher or parse the meaning of ‘home’
which may in fact be as simple as ❊ being at home

* a series of one word (ha!) one sheet of paper books beginning with the word

* miscellaneous ephemera, one never has enough ephemera, godknows

* we birgit and I finished P&P2 (a collection of self-portraits)

and of course finishing, and then ohmygod editing the house poems

home a thon 45

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30th & Taraval

had a shower,
that streetcar on the corner upstairs 2 bedroom duplex
with just the right demands, which
in our excitement to have a place of our own and
was taking longer than we thought, we didn’t see
–on the walk through–behind the open door, and
*a bath* wooden floors in good condition
that we would cover (in the living room) with a plush blue
lie on the floor if we wanted to rug and
! an ocean view !
a perfectly non-existent backyard and garage
in common with the downstairs neighbors, where
we did laundry or banged our heads on weights
(it paid, working with people who were impulsive, to be
a force of your own) while He more than tinkered
with HAM and transistor radios (and other electronics, She
never came downstairs, but She made things and knew,
california knew, things) and we all smoked, I think,
we bought groceries, cooked ✳and painted✳ and
blue carpet or not we got OTF ❣off the floor❣ we got
a 2nd hand, our first, (and one&only leather) couch,
real bookcases a butcher block table which of course we put
in the dining room looking out to sea, the 2nd bedroom
(could be guest room) turned into an office
with a computer (Radio Shack 2000 with a 10 megabyte,
yes megabyte, hard drive, slow as molasses but nevertheless) with a
modem online banking and CompuServe (before
there was such a thing as the internet) and
no cats allowed we got a bird, a hand fed parakeet, Akeba, who
rode my shoulder kept me company in the kitchen or bathtub and spoke
in complete sentences chased quarters and pulled a wagon
I got arrested for rear entry on the Filmore Street bus
we bought bicycles and season tickets to the opera loved our jobs
had surgeries visitors from out of town hosted thanksgiving dinner
and ✺❀ settled in ❀✹ to the lasting ✳us✳ of it all, and
our thirties


home a thon 44

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46th ave

it’s not that we showed up unannounced that friday afternoon
just before new year’s already dark t.v. and radio blaring the kids
one on the clarinet the other on the coronet not playing the same song a cat
curled under the rumpled blue blanket covering the queen size mattress
they all slept on in the living room even though there were beds
and desks and dressers in bedrooms (their mother in one of them
sneaking an after work nap) clothes hanging in closets but
they too just moved in starting their own new chapter and
we all were coming as we were and they (a sister-in-spirit and law
a niece&nephew twins, not by the way, just about
to be thirteen could go, and did, this way and that)
welcomed us (an unclebrother and a could go and did
this way&that eccentric aunt) with the chaos of generosity
and the versa vice, none of it a trifle,
till we got on our feet

it was a sturdy house on the edge there on the corner
of vicente and 46th the pacific ocean in arm’s reach
just demanding enough to keep us all going
in the same direction at the same time the first order
of business a kitchen table, that place a family gathers,
that place all life happens
again and


home a thon 43

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        B E W A R E

      the host of handy



home a thon 42

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thatcher drive &ulster street

went back home I say much later, to leave home again, not
that any of us kids grew up there
we aged there
✴in spurts ☁☔☀☂the lot of us (children
of our own by then) again in a litter on the floor
instead of pillows or cats

paul & I did
stay there coming
and going

found a place up a ways
of our own
just far enough to not be close
(they never dropped in, as parents might not)
close enough to not be far walking distance to the university and
one of our favorite strip joints another
upstairs apartment one bedroom
padded carpet muffling our footsteps but

we cooked there ate there had friends over and a cat
brewed beer distilled whiskey (drank the last of that
1st batch just last year) he went to graduate school
I taught nursing, and managed a psych unit
in one of the best hospitals in canada
in between we
plotted&took two wilderness canoe trips and twice
rode the freights out west once getting lost

and then left town in the same subaru we drove in

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