home a thon 39

May 12, 2013 § 2 Comments

staten ave

was a roof the right price
3 furnished (if you could call it
that) rooms in a square building
& an address no interior design (unless
you count the french doors opening
into the bedroom) found work
in The City (by the bay) turned 30
cooked artichokes drank good beer ate
(still the best) hot roast beef sandwiches au jus (or
whatever we wanted) in the middle of the night
around the corner after work ate desserts
omelets greek food sea food and
middle eastern pastries any time of day or night
went sailing and to Berkley The Haight county fairs
the gold country and wine country woke up
in the dark after forgetting to pay the electricity bill my
parents came to visit met the new man in my life
took banjo lessons nearly got fired
for being a flaming anarchist bought a new
steely blue subaru when the door on our white one
got smashed in by a rollerskater in goldengate park
who clearly couldn’t stop  got married (secretly)
on a ferry by an old friend (now a new minister)
from ✬back home✬ strangers (newlyweds
on their honeymoon as it turned out) handpicked
while waiting to board were our witnesses
of course we wrote our own vows and

as these things might go
the one of a kind handblown
glass wine carafe (with 2 glasses) used
to symbolize the whatevers of a marriage
would (be the only thing to) break
(10 years later) during the ’89 quake and
the pictures of me (in my burgundy skirt and
matching cotton top) on our wedding day
would be lost in the ‘95 flood



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