home a thon 42

May 17, 2013 § Leave a comment

thatcher drive &ulster street

went back home I say much later, to leave home again, not
that any of us kids grew up there
we aged there
✴in spurts ☁☔☀☂the lot of us (children
of our own by then) again in a litter on the floor
instead of pillows or cats

paul & I did
stay there coming
and going

found a place up a ways
of our own
just far enough to not be close
(they never dropped in, as parents might not)
close enough to not be far walking distance to the university and
one of our favorite strip joints another
upstairs apartment one bedroom
padded carpet muffling our footsteps but

we cooked there ate there had friends over and a cat
brewed beer distilled whiskey (drank the last of that
1st batch just last year) he went to graduate school
I taught nursing, and managed a psych unit
in one of the best hospitals in canada
in between we
plotted&took two wilderness canoe trips and twice
rode the freights out west once getting lost

and then left town in the same subaru we drove in


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