home a thon 44

May 20, 2013 § Leave a comment

46th ave

it’s not that we showed up unannounced that friday afternoon
just before new year’s already dark t.v. and radio blaring the kids
one on the clarinet the other on the coronet not playing the same song a cat
curled under the rumpled blue blanket covering the queen size mattress
they all slept on in the living room even though there were beds
and desks and dressers in bedrooms (their mother in one of them
sneaking an after work nap) clothes hanging in closets but
they too just moved in starting their own new chapter and
we all were coming as we were and they (a sister-in-spirit and law
a niece&nephew twins, not by the way, just about
to be thirteen could go, and did, this way and that)
welcomed us (an unclebrother and a could go and did
this way&that eccentric aunt) with the chaos of generosity
and the versa vice, none of it a trifle,
till we got on our feet

it was a sturdy house on the edge there on the corner
of vicente and 46th the pacific ocean in arm’s reach
just demanding enough to keep us all going
in the same direction at the same time the first order
of business a kitchen table, that place a family gathers,
that place all life happens
again and



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