home a thon 45

May 27, 2013 § Leave a comment

30th & Taraval

had a shower,
that streetcar on the corner upstairs 2 bedroom duplex
with just the right demands, which
in our excitement to have a place of our own and
was taking longer than we thought, we didn’t see
–on the walk through–behind the open door, and
*a bath* wooden floors in good condition
that we would cover (in the living room) with a plush blue
lie on the floor if we wanted to rug and
! an ocean view !
a perfectly non-existent backyard and garage
in common with the downstairs neighbors, where
we did laundry or banged our heads on weights
(it paid, working with people who were impulsive, to be
a force of your own) while He more than tinkered
with HAM and transistor radios (and other electronics, She
never came downstairs, but She made things and knew,
california knew, things) and we all smoked, I think,
we bought groceries, cooked ✳and painted✳ and
blue carpet or not we got OTF ❣off the floor❣ we got
a 2nd hand, our first, (and one&only leather) couch,
real bookcases a butcher block table which of course we put
in the dining room looking out to sea, the 2nd bedroom
(could be guest room) turned into an office
with a computer (Radio Shack 2000 with a 10 megabyte,
yes megabyte, hard drive, slow as molasses but nevertheless) with a
modem online banking and CompuServe (before
there was such a thing as the internet) and
no cats allowed we got a bird, a hand fed parakeet, Akeba, who
rode my shoulder kept me company in the kitchen or bathtub and spoke
in complete sentences chased quarters and pulled a wagon
I got arrested for rear entry on the Filmore Street bus
we bought bicycles and season tickets to the opera loved our jobs
had surgeries visitors from out of town hosted thanksgiving dinner
and ✺❀ settled in ❀✹ to the lasting ✳us✳ of it all, and
our thirties



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