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August 9, 2013 § 2 Comments

not that I ever wasn’t, but dithering has its own face, its own rhythm its own ups and downs its own pace and fact is like it or not it’s just part of the deal, or perhaps better said part of that everlovin’ pr-oh! cess I love to talk about…

so really I’ve been quite  busy, practicing and playing with color

and gearing up to print a major book of poems with my sweet press, which meant us coming to major terms, like who’s boss and who isn’t and maybe there is no boss but we each get our say about how it’s going to be, and for sure it is reallllllly good I didn’t set out on my own any earlier, because without the backlog of hours, experience and plain old mentorship (thank you very much eric johnson I would have been convinced I was stupid, my press wasn’t working or all the tinkering and defeat at setting the press was just a special deal for me, none of which is true, it’s just part of the job, and in fact I know and knew the job was dangerous (perilous) when I took it, so I set the biggest (most mass, hardest to get an even all the way around good impression, trust me it’s the physics of a platen press) poem and finally after much ado printed the damn thing, and then a second!

Oh of course I had also to dicker and dither for days about the layout, page size and then paper, oh yes, mustn’t forget the to and fro of this paper or that, and ink color…

IMG_0025which will be a dark brown, mixed for each session, and no of course it will not be exactly the same!

and at Iota I’ve simply been playing with words

which is and will be a whole other story.

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