the backwards and forwards of it all

September 18, 2013 § 1 Comment


which is simply to say, the distance looking back to the first time i heard will you still need me will you still feed me is not as long as it was looking forward to the time when i would be

judi in workboots



September 15, 2013 § 2 Comments

by now I should know, as anyone who has spent any time in a letterpress shop should, or anyone who does things with her hands should know, it, the great IT always takes as long as it takes, and I do know that, and with annoying regularity remind others of this irrefutable fact but& yesterday with alarming alacrity I wandered out to the shop to finish the last of the 18 poems which will be included in the book SAND and uttered those dreaded “this shouldn’t take long” words and it shouldn’t have, but just like the dodgers thought beating the giants would have been a piece of cake to clinch the west before playing arizona things didn’t exaclty go as planned

it started rightly enough, locking the forme into the chase,


but instead of picking it up just enough, by which one means not as in NOT lifting it high enough for the sorts (each indidvidual letter) to fall out of place if it isn’t snug enough to hold itself together by the force exerted equally in all directions against a snugly fitting forme which then will defy gravity when you pick it up and all hold together, I picked it up with that dreaded alacrity and whole words fell out and lay in an ignoble pile on the imposing stone, so i’m just saying by now I should know better

and since sorts in a scrambled pile are referred to, with or without alacrity, as pied,
I have to sayIMG_1695

I ate more than my share of pie, which tasted a lot like crow

N.B. not the actual pile, or the actual forme, either.

ABZ etcetera

September 3, 2013 § 2 Comments


a summersault of love poems, hand set and hand printed, will be at

 “ABZ etcetera

book title done - copy

September 12 – October 19

An exhibit exploring the use of letters, numbers, symbols, characters, text, books, calligraphy, graffiti, murals and letter envelopes, at the Sebastapol Center for the Arts, juried by Donna Seager and Susan Gray of the Seager Gray Gallery.

 The opening reception is on September 12 and the show runs through October 19, 2013.

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