just doing it.

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so, in a fflap p
part of the crow series, which of course is not about crows at all, but about my friend don, and by extension me, and the times of course, and life and death, and now about the final dither of putting it together in its book form and the ways in which I can, one can, make it out of this world complicated or distill it to its common sense and just do it easy 

in a flapp is a book made up of 6 two-sided 6″ squares which need to be joined so they can fold up into a 6″ squareIMG_0348and there will be only one, ONE, copy
and the sticking points, as it were, were the hinge and the glue, (what kind of hinge, what kind of glue) and of course the  gluing, a whole tribulation unto itself. (read more about it here.)

I spent a couple of days playing with paper tape hinges, kozo paper hinges, linen tape hinges, one-sided linen&kozo paper hinges, and 2-sided linen and kozo paper hinges and experimented with both Noro and Yes glue

when I had nowhere to go and nothing left to do but the doing of it, I made tea, put on Bach, made 6 2-sided linen tape and black kozo paper hinges, and having a good sense of how wide the hinge area needed to be just glued the whole damn thing with Yes glue, no rulers, no pencil marks, no hits no runs no errors.

The crow series, whether or not  in the end it has anything to do with crows, certainly started with the damn things and it started taking shape with &, next  in line for rendering into its bookish form and all (almost all) the decisions are made.

mocking up &

mocking up &


the printing and turkish map folding is done. square corners. check
pages to be glued are marked
covers fit, at first I thought I’d cut them too small, but they are not intended to go around the pages, so in fact the measurement was correct
mark and make sewing holes
find thread, sew,
la la la having meandered into the vicissitudes I veered away from the single very simple thing I realize each and every time as if it were a new idea:

all dithering and fussing

(and deciding and getting ready or being ill-prepared, having tea or coffee,playing bach or ac/dc, cats or dogs as helpers) aside, it really does boil down to the just doing it, and the doing of it has its own say, its own rhythm its own wisdom its own form and its own way, and you have to just do it,
and each doing informs the next one.


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