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always good to have some sense of on my way,  even if I’m standing still
after all stationary  mulling, is certainly part of the proh!cess…

and so: (in no particular order, except there is an erratica deadline)
2 print poetry books; eve lott’s, freedom & lewis carroll’s, jabberwocky
gray matters, a multi-media (I think) book of poems and color palettes about gray and gray matter
not for me, a multi-media (possibly) book of poems about my buddy jc
mrs clark’s bread recipe, a 8 X 8 poem/broadside/poster/godknowswhat for erratica 3
finish the crow posters, (including setting text of one of don’s dying poems)
….edit house and home poems…..

the poetry of printing

January 27, 2014 § 2 Comments


by Iota Press & Co-op
at RiskPress Gallery
7345 Healdsburg Ave.
Sebastopol, CA

February 1 thru 23, 2014

Opening Reception 3-7 pm, Feb 1
Love Letter Writing 5-9 pm, Feb 6
SpeakEasy – Sounds in Print 2-4 pm, Feb 16
Printing demos every Friday afternoon

Gallery Hours: 11-7 Tue – Sun

An exhibition at RiskPress Gallery of letterpress works by Iota Co-op members:

#signature signature (2)

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signature; noun

a person’s name written in a distinctive way as a form of identification in authorizing a check or document or concluding a letter.
• the action of signing a document: the license was sent to the customer for signature.
• a distinctive pattern, product, or characteristic by which someone or something can be identified: the chef produced the pâté that was his signature | [ as modifier ] : his signature dish.
Music short for key signature or time signature.
Printing a letter or figure printed at the foot of one or more pages of each sheet of a book as a guide in binding.
• a printed sheet after being folded to form a group of pages.
the part of a medical prescription that gives instructions about the use of the medicine or drug prescribed.

ORIGIN mid 16th cent. from medieval Latin signatura ‘signature of a sovereign on an official document,’ from Latin signare ‘to sign, mark.’


#signature signature (3)

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my signature is in the work/s


with diligence and no disrespect, as if knowing the creed or the secret handshake of it, ahyes that’s part of it, he asks with a skilled deferential slight of voice, (read just enough excited expectation which unmet may produce a dash of disappointment) will you sign it and before I can help myself I say no, which isn’t the problem, it’s the dismissive as if I know something he doesn’t or versa vice the let’s get this over with because I’m in murky waters here that leaves me limpid.

it is (asif) scripted.

I come back to, it is redundant

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