speakeasy: a diverse reading

February 14, 2014 § Leave a comment

dscn8386“A reminder that this coming Sunday, as part of the month long exhibit at RiskPress Gallery in Sebastopol, Iota is presenting a diverse reading by people involved in printing their work at the Iota shop. The reading will run from 2:00 to 4:00, and takes place in the gallery surrounded by the books and broadsides on display for the show. There will also be a special appearance of the Iota Handset Quire, whose groundbroken work is unbeknownst to all.”

The readers will be: Judi Goldberg, Megan Arnold , Cheryl Itamura, Lyn Dillin, Clara Rosemarda, John Johnson, Maia Kobabe, Eric Johnson, Serena Coltrane-Briscoe, Birgit Nielsen, Katie Nealon, and Luci Edwards Friesen

The choir includes: Maia Kobabe, Judi Goldberg, Tiana Krahn, Luci Edwards Freisen, Birgit Nielsen, Ash Weiss, Megan Arnold, Serena Coltrane-Briscoe, Katie Nealon, Cheryl Itamura, Brooke Holve, Eric Johnson, and Lyn Dillin


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