a few scraps and the spine gap

March 5, 2014 § 1 Comment

well I finally got over the inertia of uncertainty and launched into just making the damn book, maybe courage gained from seeing remembering understanding we all start from not knowing exactly how and there’s nothing like having to solve the problems of doing something that gets one, allows one, helps one, spurs one to in fact solve them

and the rain helped too and little bit of scrounged book cloth and scraps of paper I’d saved for just this and so, a dash of wabi sabi and lo a little book, first attempt and by&large, it worked!

glue where it belongs, spine gap and endpapers in tune, opens and closes like it ought. ok then. a book with hard cover case.

✳︎ ❇︎

which is not to say, I don’t foresee spine gap issues in my future, because I’m not sure I “get it” you know like you read instructions and they make no sense but you can start seeing how it is supposed to work and so you just keep on keeping on andso this one was with a wing and a prayer no cat interference and little to lose

I see lots of little practice books going hither and yon as I work toward some kind of mastery.

and now I know  what a ‘teacher’ can help me with


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§ One Response to a few scraps and the spine gap

  • lyn dillin says:

    Beautiful topo cover — a fine rainy day’s work. Are there many pages inside — Are there words?

    How did the show in Pt Reyes turn out?

    > >

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