dawdling & due diligence

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it could be said I’m dawdling or lollygagging with due diligence, not that I haven’t reset the jabberWock

IMG_0986which I have, and not that I haven’t proofread it more than twice, and not that even when it was pronounced fit yet another error wasn’t found, all that said, I have not yet reset the bio and I like to print the outer side first, and twice now I’ve gone into the shop to do just that, and twice I’ve been hi-jacked by hi-jinx, first the vandercook was acting up and yesterday, driving in to the shop I was captured by an idea for yet another card, as if I shouldn’t instead be writing an artist statement for the upcoming bibliophoria show,

oh well, I will

but meanwhile I’m dawdling and lollygagging with due diligence exalting chickens and making yet another card

but, the paper is cut! everything in its own time, turn turn




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the fox 
more interested in the bird
than us

had seen
our kind before


about face & typos

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facing about

well, I, [mistress of wabi sabi, touter of que sera, head shitbucket redecorator, and stalwart guardian of gratuitous apology] have been hoisted on my own petard but

I am also old enough to have internalized the hard earned wisdom about decision-making handed down by the best of them—

✓you’ve got to be able to sleep at night;

✓you’ve got to know when to hold them, and when to fold them;

✓you’ve got to be able to find your way back;

✓the skirmish takes place at the line;

✓never waste a good mistake;

✓by the time one gets to the 4th internal monologue on a given tack it is a call to action

✓if you can do something about it, do it; if not, quit your damn whining

the foreshortened version boils down to, a week later the mistakes in the print run of Jabberwocky were still gnawing at me, I was not sleeping and rather than give into the regret&apology laying in wait on my lips I wasn’t giving the edition as joyous gift, and like some damn rejection the great IT started fermenting, started having a life of its own,  so
I, [mistress of wabi wabi, touter of que sera, & head shitbucket redecorator, and stalwart guardian of gratuitous apology] with simple about face decided with alacrity and without ceremony to reset and reprint Jabberwocky putting all of us out of my misery.

And I will make paper, and with a fair bit of pomp and hoorah add borogroves and jabberock to The Shop’s list of ‘typos’



&. bibliophoria III

May 7, 2014 § 1 Comment

June 12 – July 18, 2014

Juror: Mary Austin, Co-Founder SF Center for the Book
Coordinator: Barbara Briggs-Letson

Artwork related to “the book”; any medium, any method, any subject celebrating the bookform.
We see the book as a point of departure and encourage innovative approaches.
• handmade artist’s books, using traditional bookmaking methods
• unconventional structures, sculptural, or monumental
• book-like objects in which the primary interest or emphasis, is visual rather than textual.
• altered books
• homage to the book

 My book, &, will be in the show.


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