collaborating and the art of it

December 1, 2014 § 2 Comments

In one of the many conversations about her (Lindy Low Le Coq) illuminating the V, I said she could spread out all over the page, that I didn’t care if it migrated into what might otherwise seem like the margin or the binding space, which is in fact what I meant,

b u t not e x a c t l y as it turned out since I didn’t want to poke a stitching hole into some very important part of her drawing, as if it were some kind of mistake, or disrespect, or not knowing what the hell I was, (or she was, or we were,) doing

and as the magic of it would be, the serif on the V was smack right kiss my ass exactly where the top hole was supposed to go, ack! or so it seemed at first glance, as in wrong,

until I realized that was a cross-X-purpose, which is to say once headlong into a project there is at some point no wrong, just another set of problems to embrace and to solve, and a forcing of ones hand at that whole business of other ways to look at it


and after ‘ohmygod what am I going to do?’ I decided since the pages were printed only on one side there was no reason they all needed to be recto (on the right side), and if I were to bind it as a verso page (on the left side) it would completely alleviate the problem of poking a hole in the V’s serif,
butand it would mean coming up with a facing page so it would sit as a glorious two page spread, which would give it some sense, and balance in a book that otherwise was completely one sided (!)

meanwhile also going on in the background was the book in its entirety still didn’t seem a cohesive whole,  and I had been looking for, or waiting for, just the right I didn’t know exactly what to tie it all together without it then seeming like I was telling a reader what the whole book should be saying as if I weren’t trusting you to get it, or trusting that I’d successfully gotten my ideas across, so

how exquisitely sweet it was then to come up with a just and unassuming solution to do both, which had I been oh so perfectly clear in the first place I would have missed

oh the art of it all




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