things I thought I might do

December 29, 2014 § Leave a comment

Looking back (jan 2014) to look ahead; things (in no particular order) I would did will do:

1)two print poetry books; eve lott’s, freedom & lewis carroll’s, jabberwocky
2)gray matters, a multi-media (I think) book of poems and color palettes about gray and gray matter
3)not for me, a multi-media (possibly) book of poems about my buddy jc
4)mrs clark’s bread recipe, 8 X 8 poem/broadside/poster/godknowswhat for erratica 3
5)finish the crow posters, (including setting text of one of don’s dying poems)
6)edit house and home poems

SO, perfectly wow! is, not only did I (in no particular order) accomplish much of what I set out to do ❇︎and more❋ but that it hardly looks like what I thought it would, which is of course, (as I say often) the art and heart of it, or the earth and hearth of it, and here I go


into the morphs which are next year’s things (I think) I might (in no particular order) do which speaks directly to my trajectory and how what I do is mostly reflection of, and on, the goings along

so next year’s buzzword/k/s are:


and of course a Print Poetry or two is in the works as well.




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