here. say. press

February 7, 2015 § 1 Comment

here. say. press

judi goldberg & Paul Lewis
words, like hands, we count on them for everything




judi goldberg
heresayer & pressman

Some would say I’ve always been here saying, but there is a particular and impressive clarity distilled through and refracted by typography and brought to bear through the stages of letterpress publication which celebrates everything word,
especially the letters,

And now, it is as an elder with voice and perspective–born of telling and listening to stories told by my elders and those who use story to find their way back to possibility and imagining–and a press

❈✳︎ the press ✴︎❊ 
the first social media, which gave us, the common man, access to the word and to deciphering it

Paul Lewis
solo tango ocean walker
leaning engineer, purchasing agent, builder & safety officer

the presses
chandler & price old style pilot
nolan proof press
lewis book press

more photos, here.




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