between the letters

May 16, 2015 § 2 Comments

i m p r o v is atio al se r end ip ity

There’s no denying, it
the words into a poem come together
differently when you have the time ✼ between the letters ✼ it takes to typeset

e a c h
w o r d

Never pulled a good (enough) print so here it is, composed (and edited) at the case, in the raw


It will become part of a book of poems (in collaboration with Megan Arnold and Katie Nealon) composed at the case


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§ 2 Responses to between the letters

  • nutMeg says:

    Reblogged this on 2m2t and commented:
    just in case
    or… as the case may be, that is. three of us. setting poems at the case. and an e-mail from judi

    possibility (how’s that for a subject to see nestled in one’s inbox!)
    came wafting over me this morning… about a colloboration… of a chapbook of poems composed at the case…

    and so it started with a few each but then by the time we have a conversation about it judi has enough that looks like a book already on her own but she’ll choose or we’ll choose and we decide on until the end of the month to make those that the selection will happen from and so I have some time and do I want to make a target of how many to whittle from more at least oh I don’t think I’m even at the number yet

    some is good
    more is better
    too much is not enough

    and after the conversation it feels like we’ve made some decisions but then of course there’s always so many details which haven’t been sorted yet but that’s the adventure of it, right? The Decision, the Important One – theonlyonethatmatters? has been made. That we’re doing this. Whatever itthis is. Yes!

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