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Do you consider yourself a book artist? She asked,
the way the best questions are asked out of the blue as if out of nowhere as if what is being assigned or posited is not even remotely associated with you, or in this case me, as if there is an easy answer

You didn’t used to, She pressed, sealing the deal, invoking or provoking privilege more than using any of her chits, after all,

I am one who does tend toward makes declarative statements,

(always have been) which have over the years been confused with
T R U T H, or people thinking I think I am so smart, or smarter than everyone, or being pushy, or telling everyone what to think, or speaking for everyone, not to mention always having an opinion(!)

and She has over the years listened to the many, and ha! hears that I may have somewhere along the line changed my tune, or even better, She gets the real purpose for declarative statements

hypo thesis

begging accretion, amalgam, thrust&parry begging
con vers ation

and in many cases, an answer to the question most don’t didn’t haven’t yet asked for the many reasons most people are reluctant or ill-suited to asking questions, they don’t know how

asking questions artful in itself, a complicated tango of risks and moves offers and counteroffers more than curiosity more than something personal though the best questions and answers have everything to do with some thing personal, and of course it is inter personal

and then there is context, we four were at the shop, talking books and boxes, form and content, style and presentation and of a sudden She leans across tea and table, chin angled, and asks,
do you consider yourself a book artist?” waits a beat, finishing chin down with, “you didn’t used to.

So of course, I’m in. It’s a good, and fair, question, and timely. And in the changing landscape of art and books, of art, and books, important. And as someone who makes books which sometimes have the attached appellation art, or artist, it is pertinent.

And hard, because it assumes understanding, even if not common, of books and what the hell in their changing world they are, art notwithstanding, and what the hell (being) an artist is, books notwithstanding.

And of course declarative statement artist though I might be, I’m also eloquently two handed, so most often answers, whose questions have been asked, begin with
yes, and no,
the better to work my way toward the next hypo thesis.

Andso, the asked question having been explored in its long version, I will in the interest of balance, and declaration give the abbreviated answer:



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