word is box

June 5, 2015 § Leave a comment

❒ ☐◼︎  ☑︎

container, containment, contain, set apart, corner, save, punch, hide, make safe, under the bed, inside a, boxed-set, chest, of chocolate, postoffice, treasure, important, protect, jewelry, wrapped, protect, pretext

out of the box, outside the box, boxed in
[this Handel sounds like Corelli, must have been in the same atelier]
hat, cigar, shoe, cardboard, pine, paper, metal, plastic, recipe, see through

loose leaves in a box ✳︎ book ✳︎

book in clamshell box:
ostentatious or like a person in clothes a book in cover; context purposeful
either way signals intent
recapitulates dimensionality & first this then that & using hands


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